Tricks of Vehicle Cleaning

Cleaning practices without knowledge will cause your vehicle's appearance to deteriorate, your paintwork will be adversely affected and thus your vehicle will lose value.
This inevitably causes your vehicle to lose its value.
Washing Stage
It is very important to wash your car in a place that is out of the sun. Because the sun's rays can damage your car. After locking the doors and windows of your vehicle, you can start the washing process. To purify your vehicle from all the dirt, make sure to keep your vehicle strong water. Start grabbing the water from the roof of your vehicle and slowly keep it down. Wash your latest tires. So all the dirt flows down. Start to use cleaning materials after all the dirt has flowed out, otherwise scratches may occur on your vehicle.
Cleaning Stage
Always use a soft cloth or sponge for vehicle cleaning. Washing the car with a brush will damage your car. It is important here to wash your car with auto shampoo. Different chemicals damage your vehicle. Be sure to start the washing process of your vehicle from the ceiling. Complete your process by cleaning the doors, bonnet and wheels.
Drying Stage
Also use a soft cloth for drying. Just like the washing process, dry your vehicle starting from the ceiling. Be sure to dry your vehicle windows and mirrors for your driving safety.