Rental Terms & Conditions

1. Driver's License and Age Limit

In order to rent the vehicles in the economic (A, B, N, F) group, at least 23 years of age and 2 year driving license are required.
In order to rent vehicles in the middle (D, G, H, O, M) group, at least 25 years of age and 3 years driving license is required. 
In order to rent the vehicles in the upper (J, C, E, K, L, P, I) group, at least 27 years of age and 5 years driving license is required. 

2. Rental Period

The rental period is at least 1 day (24 hours) between the week and 2 days at the weekend. (48 hours). Vehicles are delivered back at the time of delivery.
In case of possible delays:
In case of delay of more than 2 hours, 1/2 of the car rental fee valid at that date,
In case of delay of 3 hours or more, one day's rental fee will be added to your contract and the payment will be made from your credit card.

3. Lease Extension

In the event that the rental request is longer than the booking date range after the start of the rental, the additional fee will be collected from the credit card presented at the beginning of the rental after the price is recalculated by the system.

4. Early Return

If the vehicle is returned after the start of the rental before the date of booking, the price is recalculated according to the number of days the vehicle will be used. If there is less than the amount collected, the difference is refunded. If there is a charge higher than the amount collected, no extra charge will be charged.

5. No-Show Process

If the vehicle is not picked up at the pick-up time specified in the reservation, the vehicle will be switched to No-show after 2 hours and no group can be guaranteed. In case of no-show, your reservation will be canceled after 4 hours.

6. Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you notify us of your cancellation request up to 48 hours prior to the time of purchase, the total amount you have paid for the rental will be refunded. If you give up your purchase of the vehicle without notice and / or notify your cancellation request less than 48 hours before your scheduled vehicle purchase time, 1/3 TL of the reservation price will be charged and the remaining 2/3 TL will be returned to you.

7. Miliage Limit

The daily limit for short (under 30 days) rentals is 300 km., the limit for monthly rentals is 4000 km. Maximum usage limit for each rental is 4000 km. For rentals longer than 1 month (30 days), the monthly mileage limit will be renewed at the end of the 30th day. In cases where the km. limit is exceeded, a fee of 1.00 TL/km. will be charged.

8. Additional Driver

In order for a person other than the renter to use the vehicle, valid identification and driving license information must be written to the contract at the beginning of the rental, the additional driver's signature must be included in the contract, the additional driver's age and driver's license must be paid and the additional driver's fee paid. Additional driver fee is fixed 300 TL. A maximum of 1 additional driver is accepted. Failure to comply with this rule will invalidate the insurances received and the tenant and users will be held responsible for all damages.

9. Insurance

* Exempt Accident Insurance (CDW)

In case of damage to the vehicles, the lessor is obliged to pay the material damages varying according to the group of vehicles. Exempt accident insurance applied to each vehicle rental; It covers the damages within the insurance limits of varying amounts according to the vehicle group with the condition of submitting traffic and alcohol report in case of damage and loss cases of 2000 TL and above. Damages and damages up to the pre-authorization amount mentioned above are not covered by the guarantee.

* Rubber Glass Headlight Fuse (LCF)

This includes the risk of damage to the vehicle's windows and tires.

* Theft Insurance

In order for the vehicle theft insurance to be valid in every vehicle rental, the police report regarding the theft should be obtained and the keys and license of the vehicle must be delivered to the OTOBY office within 24 hours. Otherwise, the tenant remains liable for all material losses associated with theft / loss.

* Personal Life Insurance
Individual life insurance can be made with additional insurance premiums.

10. Payment

Vehicle rental fee, additional product and service fees are collected in cash from a single credit card (or wire transfer / EFT, cash) belonging to the lessee at the beginning of the lease. Depending on the difference of fees that may occur at the end of the rental, a charge or refund is made.

11. Deposit (Credit Card-Provision Process)

Rental customers are required to have a credit card arranged in their name during the rental. No additional driver or credit card belonging to a different person is accepted.

If the driver is to use a credit card (commercial card), a letter of approval on the letterhead, stamp and wet signature with the company's trade name are required. The signatory must be a partner or a member of the board of directors and the signatory circular of the signatory is required.

Amount of Provision
A pre-authorization of at least 1000 TL, 1500 TL for medium group vehicles and 2000 TL for upper group vehicles can be blocked from this credit card depending on the group of vehicles they rent and the rental period.

Provisions for Provisioning
All additional costs arising from rental, HGS transit, Ek-Sigorta, missing fuel, traffic ticket and illegal transit from the highways or any additional expenses arising from the rental conditions may be collected through the provision or directly from the credit card.

Cancelation of Provisions

The provision is removed within a maximum of 25 working days after you have handed over to the vehicle authorities.

12. Delivery and Receiving / One Way Rental

OTOBY can deliver to any address given by the customer upon the request of the customer. The company will not charge any additional charges for deliveries within 30 KM to the nearest OTOBY office. For delivery to and from the nearest OTOBY office 30 km away, you will be charged 3.54 TL per KM after 30 KM.

13. Fuel

The filling of the fuel tanks is calculated on 12 units. Accordingly, empty warehouse is expressed as 0, quarter warehouse 3, half warehouse 6, full warehouse 12 units. OTOBY delivers the fuel tanks of its vehicles to customers at least 2 units (light off). In case the vehicles are returned to us with missing fuel, 100 TL + VAT “Service Fee” will be requested from the lessor in addition to the calculated fuel price. In the event that the vehicle returns with more fuel than delivered, the customer cannot request payment of excess fuel fee from the company without presenting purchased of the fuel.

14. Traffic Fines

Traffic fines belong to the tenant and for the fines that cannot be collected from the tenant's credit card and paid by OTOBY on the notification of the penalty, 20 TL + VAT service fee is charged separately. If the vehicle is detained from traffic, this period is added to the rental period.

15. Traveling Abroad

The vehicles are not allowed to be taken outside the borders of Turkey.



In all cases that are not covered by the insurance in general conditions, the vehicle, under the influence of alcoholic, drug, outside the legal speed limits and misuse, unlawful use and for the use of the form, the name of the person on the lease of someone other than the name of the accident, no reports of accidents and alcohol and 24 If the vehicle and its reports are not delivered to the nearest OTOBY office within the hour, the tenant's liability for damage continues.
In case of an accident, do not neglect to get an accident and alcohol report by contacting the nearest police or gendarmerie center without relocating your vehicle.
If the vehicle is stolen, the police should call the aran Theft Detection Report ”. With the report received, the vehicle key must be delivered to us. Otherwise, the insurances will be deemed invalid and the tenant will be responsible for all damages and financial / moral losses to third parties.

*** OTOBY reserves the right to change the rental prices and conditions and the type of vehicle specified in the booking without prior notice if deemed necessary!


In case of emergency, you can call +90 (232) 220 04 00 or +90 (532) 111 46 00